1. Bit Beater
    Deadly Discs

  2. Belly of the Beast

  3. murder songs

  4. デモ demo.2014.1

  5. Finisher

  6. Fucked
    Deadly Discs

  7. Haunting
    Phantom Cadaver

  8. I Am In Hell, Help Me
    Static Goat

  9. Amnesia
    Self-defeating Soundwaves

  10. Eugene Noise Summit I
    Somnolent / I Died / Regosphere / Black Woofer / Willowbrook

  11. I
    Desolate Afterlife

  12. The Gruesome Twosome
    Unusual Affairs

  13. Bloody Homecoming
    Sleep Column / Wram

  14. Woodchipper Massacre
    Wet Dream Asphyxiation & Swallowing Bile

  15. In Uultu Color
    Black Matter Phantasm

  16. Ibo Gnoy / Thirst For Consumption / Urinate / Wram
    Ibo Gnoy / Thirst For Consumption / Urinate / Wram

  17. Emerging from the Motherly Cavern of the Willsi

  18. Wram / Willowbrook
    Wram / Willowbrook

  19. Tight Fucking Heretical Pu$$y
    Anything With A Bare Ass and An Inverted Cross is Okay By Me (Au Fait)

  20. Yulewall
    The Crib Lizards Wriggled Nauseatingly Toward Their Phallic Green God

  21. American Gulag
    Judas Christ

  22. What Do You Say To A Talking Bomb?
    Deadly Discs

  23. There's Just a Meanness in the World: Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska" Reinterpreted
    Cory Strand

  24. Centræ

  25. ''-Ha'-'Ba'-'Ta-''
    Ta Ba Ah

  26. As Man Is, God Once Was. As God Is, Man May Become.

  27. The Grateful Summoning of Familiars for Sexual Perversity

  28. Worse Than Schoenberg
    Social Drift

  29. The Electric Edge

  30. Egodeath, A Study Of Oneness With The Universe And All Of Its Counterparts
    Crown of Ashes

  31. Hot Air Balloon Ride
    Herd William

  32. Hull of the Ship Cracking
    Deadly Discs

  33. Palpable
    Aesthetic of Failure

  34. The Unspooling Clouds


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